Mystic Norway

mystic-norwayDespre Norvegia am mai vorbit, și am mai avut câteva postări de promovare prin timelapse (Winter in Lofoten, Norway – a timelapse adventure, Norway 8K), însă frumusețea acestei țări nu se poate epuiza. Azi vă prezentăm o nouă incursiune prin peisajele specifice locului, care să ne încânte simțurile și imaginația!

“This time-lapse was shot above the Arctic Circle in North Norway this summer. I cycled for two months and two thousand kilometers with the bike you see at the end credits. My route went across rugged Finnmark all the way to the amazing Lofoten Islands.

The first weeks of the journey in June were cold and cloudy, and temperatures above 10C (50F) were rare. In July it got warmer and the sun started to appear more. So the sequence in the video fairly accurately describes the actual experience and order of events.

During this tour I really fell in love with Norway’s gorgeous landscapes. My work doesn’t really do justice to how beautiful the country actually is, you have to see it in person. The vast majority of the trip happened during the midnight sun period. The sun never set below the horizon until the very last few days.

For this project I shot 15000 photos, of which about 3600 are in the end result.
Music: “Wilderness” by Philip Guyler, Audionetwork

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