Stormscapes 3

Stormscapes 3Anul acesta, fenomenele torențiale, tipice perioadei de vară, au început deja. Chiar și cu câteva inundații, relatate prin diverse zone. Așa încât ne-am gândit că ar fi frumos să începem și noi, promovarea montajelor cu furtuni cu fulgere, specifice abia peste 1-2 luni. Nu e din România, dar este superb, și merită vizionat. Și cum sezonul urmăritorilor de furtuni este declarat deschis, să aveți spor la fotografiat!

“Stormscapes 3 is for those that enjoy the visual aspect of our beautifully unique Blue Marble’s fascinating weather, or those wishing to experience elemental nature in some of its most surreal and chaotic forms. Particularly focusing on severe weather located in the northern high plains region (and adjacent ranges) of the USA. This video showcases a variety of supercells and other rotating storms, spooky night based mesoscale convective systems, atmospheric optics such as rainbows and crepuscular rays, various forms of lightning, and even a rare Shirley Basin, Wyoming tornado.

I highly recommend a good set of speakers or headphones. There is a lot of deeper bass in the track, which adds to the overall feel I was going for. You’ll miss out without it. Especially during the transition from day to night.

If you suffer from any negative photosensitive reactions to strobing or flashing lights, it might be advisable to skip the night focused lightning sequences of Stormscapes 3. They are…intense…welcome to mother nature’s dance party (it’s even crazier in person). The last two minutes are almost nothing but lightning sequences. Stop watching immediately if it becomes too much for you.

If you are interested in the progression of the Stormscapes series, please have a look at the first two. If you’d like to see more of the June 1, 2015 Rapid City supercell (only added 1 quick sequence here), I have a video dedicated to its awesomeness. Probably one of the most beautiful natural phenomena I’ve ever witnessed. – Stormscapes 1 – Stormscapes 2 – Rapid City Supercell

Track title – Everything
Band – Everyone Moves Away

Intro material courtesy of the NOAA-NASA GOES Project.
All video material (or any video stills of said material), omitting the GOES imagery, copyright Nicolaus Wegner 2015. Music copyright “Everyone Moves Away 2015″. Licensed through Music Bed.

This footage was shot in a 5K and 8K (in some cases) time lapse format. This video may not be uploaded anywhere else. Youtube and other website uploads will be taken down, so please save us both some time and don’t do it. Unaltered embeds (via Vimeo’s player and links) are ok unless you are trying to sell something; be it for personal profit, religious, or political reasons. Other than that, please feel free to share as you wish. Hope it inspires some to get out and witness such amazing events in person.”