Odyssey 4K

odyssey-4KIslanda este una dintre puținele locații, unde orice ai face, dacă ai un aparat foto la îndemână, poți surprinde niște scene extraordinare, pentru ca asta îți oferă natura. Dar ca să surprinzi niște cadre perfecte, ca-n clipul de mai jos, trebuie “să știi meserie”. Vizionare plăcută!

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The light during midnight sun is a surreal and unforgettable experience. Hues of pinks, purples, reds and oranges that you may be lucky to see for a few minutes during a normal sunrise/sunset can explode for hours in an epic display of nature’s masterful artistry.
Shot over two weeks from late June through early July in Iceland, finding the best spots to experience these conditions was not easy. We had to navigate Iceland’s fickle weather. The southern half of the island was storming most of the time. Knowledge of the island’s various micro climates and scenic locations were important in figuring out where to go for any given night. So was staying mobile and keeping all options open. Each day was a new and unexpected adventure.
Over the course of the trip, we covered most of Iceland’s varied landscapes, traveling a complete loop on the ring road as well as spending time in the central highlands in the middle of the island.
You’ll see scenes from Snaefellsnes peninsula in the west and various mountains and coastal areas in the north, to the fjords in the east and the Vatnajökull glacier region in the south. Perhaps the most unexpected of all was catching the large plumes of clouds being generated by the cooling lava from last year’s volcanic eruption in Bárðarbunga.
In the end, the odyssey is about the journey and its experiences rather than about the destination.
Music is the song “Market” by Justin R Durban – justindurban.com
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Thanks to our sponsors:
Kessler: for their amazing tools for filmmakers. I was fortunate to shoot with their Second Shooter for all my motion controlled shots.kesslercrane.com
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Shot, edited, and available in 4K. Some shots available in 7K.”