Nessun Dorma – Infrared Timelapse 4K

Nessun Dorma PostApocaliptic Timelapse

Timelapse filmat în infraroșu – un montaj de 9000 de poze care însoțit de muzica potrivită mișcă ceva în ființa celui care urmărește și parcă duce la o lume ‘post-apocaliptică’, lipsită de viață, dar totuși  atât de dinamică.

“Sit down, turn up the volume and watch the video on TV, experience the different sensations produced by the mixture of music and images.

A project made in 4 months recorded in different locations of the geography of Navarra.
I wanted to reflect different environments changing the color tone in each scene, after making the white balance, thus generating a very different environment, dark, inospito and inert, heavenly, ….. trying to find the beauty of still life. A trip through different spaces through doors trying to awaken sensations. A walk of the soul.

The musical arrangements made by my friend Martin Zalba. Project made with music by Martin Zalba and jody jenkins.
9,000 infrared photographs chosen for this video out of a total of 25,000.

Made with a modified nikon infrared camera, tripod, slider edelkrone, nikon nikkor18-140mm lenses, tokina 11-16 dx2, ..


Viscarret, Muru Astrain, Illundain, Urbasa, Berriozar, Mues, Sartaguda, Velate, salinas de Pamplona, Parque desvelados Estella, Pamplona, Monte ezkaba, San Gregorio Ostiense, Foz Lumbier, Foz Arbayun, Perdon, rio iribas, Pantano Alloz, embalses Leurza, Zolina, Valcon de Pilatos

Thanks to Carlos de la Rasilla and Iñigo Abrego and my dear Tu Khanh for having so much patience letting me go and take pictures.”