Diversity – Hawaii TimeLapse – Big Island

Hawaii waterfall

Pentru cei care nu se împacă prea bine cu sezonul rece, cu temperaturile scăzute și cu zăpada și care preferă locurile mai exotice și călduroase – Diversity – timelapse realizat în Hawaii, încălzește cu – ceea ce spune și titlul – diversitatea minunată a insulei !

“Big Island (Hawaii Island) is the most diverse of all Hawaiian Islands. Almost every sequence in this film has it’s unique story. Constantly changing scenery of some landscapes deliver unforgettable memories captured in time. I spent two weeks shooting pictures for this project and absorbing every moment of it’s beauty. Lots of challenges I had to face along the way. Physically and technically. Temperatures from 29F (Mauna Kea) to approximately 300-400F (lava) in daily changes really tested my Canon 5D MKIII. Especially photographing lava up close was difficult when winds blew my way and extremely hot air maid some equipment difficulties. Camera was lagging, live view couldn’t turn on and some other issues did not stop me to fulfill my expectations. Had to cool off from time to time and change locations to get interesting shots. Hawaii is always associated with warm temperatures (around 80F) so trip to The Summit (Mauna Kea) requires preparation. I spent most of my day at 13800 feet elevetion (4200 m) with temperatures around 34F. It was freezing and amazingly beautiful. You can reach this altitude in about two hours from sea level and there is 40% less oxygen, so heavy equipment bag and some hiking really gets to you quickly. After beautiful sunset temperature drastically drops and park regulations do not lets you stay for the night photography. Apparently there is a great opportunity for astrophotography near Visitor Center at 9200 feet if you scout some nice spot during daytime. It has to be a little far from the road and the big crowd gathering at Visitor Center for the same reason. Few days later The Summit was covered in snow. To bad I couldn’t make it out there. Maybe next time:) Photographing waterfalls wasn’t easy as well. Most of them are on rainy side and it was raining for few days straight. I was lucky enough to wait and capture them in between rainfalls. One of them had to access through mud slide and some slippery rocks. Next day location I picked was flush-flooded for couple days making it impossible to get to. Night at Volcanoes National Parks will be one of my favorites. Hiking the trail which started at the end of “Chain Of Craters Road” provided such a stunning views my whole family kept mentioning for days. Volcanic glow on the hills with super clear night sky and lava flowing in the distance it’s a scenery hard to beat. Unfortunately weather changes quickly sometimes and views have to be appreciated pretty fast. To capture Kilauea Caldera lava lake I had to travel two times at night and it was worth it.
Around 70000 pictures taken, 85 sequences for this project.
Equipment used: Canon 5D MK III, Two Syrp Genie Minis for panning and tilting, Manfrotto tripod. Canon lenses – EF 16-35 f/2.8 and EF 24-105 f/4, Sigma 120-400 f/4.5-5.6. Pictures processed in LR Time Lapse, Lightroom 5, After Effects and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018.
To watch in 4K click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=namryW93VFY

Music by Nuclearmetal (Dramatic Asian Cinematic) licensed through EnvatoMarket. Check out his work at https://audiojungle.net/user/nuclearmetal

For footage licensing please contact bielachris@gmail.com”