Atmospheres of Aarhus – 4K

Aarhus, Denmark - timelapseVideourile lui Jonas Høholt ne-au încântat și în trecut prin peisajele naturale ale peninsulei Iutlanda, însă de data aceasta el capturează împrejurimile orașului Aarhus, al doilea cel mai mare oraș din Danemarca. Plină de culoare, compoziția sa ne introduce în atmosfera orașului care îmbină atât de bine stilurile arhitecturale mai vechi cu cele mai noi.

“Through nearly 2 years I have collected timelapse footage of the vivid and very charming city Aarhus in Denmark. Only then, I was sure to have enough quality footage to produce this film – the third on I’ve done of Aarhus. My idea was to show both the small hidden corners and the new famous architecture in a dynamic and emotional way, reflecting the city of Aarhus.
I have pushed my personal timelapse photography to a new level, and the learning process I’ve gone through during the last few years is invaluable. Reflecting back at the thousands of hours I’ve spent on this film and looking at the skills I’ve built up, I can now say that my timelapse work has gotten its own unique style and touch.
Feel free to contact me if you need professional timelapse footage like this.
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Special thanks to my timelapse-colleague Henrik Matzen who have given me some very handy tips along the way.

Thanks to ARoS Art Museum, First Atlantic Hotel, Salling and Molslinjen for giving me special access.

Music: ODESZA – Say My Name ft. Zyra (Slow Magic Remix) Licensed through Ninja Tune Records, Pulse Publishing and Red Light Management.”