Sleepless in Switzerland – 4K Time Lapse

Elveția. Tărâm al ciocolatei, briceagurilor elvețiene și al ceasurilor de mare precizie. Și, conform timelapse-ului de astăzi, și al peisajelor montane deosebite!

“”Sleepless in Switzerland” is a night journey to the beauty of Switzerland as a 4K time lapse. You can see the stars and the galactic center of the milky way over the horizon of the Swiss Alps. The time lapse was recorded between February and August 2017. For Milkyway Photos and more information in German please visit:

This 3 minute video took me 17 sleepless nights and more than 200 hours editing. I took over 30’000 photos and got 2 TB data on my harddrive.

Supported by: iGENEA, Pilatus Bahnen, Jungfraubahnen, Fronalpstock, Titlis Bahnen (Thank you!)

Visited places in Switzerland:
0:00 – Grimselpass
0:14 – Pilatus / Luzern
0:33 – Ronco sopra Ascona
0:39 – Titlis
0:49 – Jungfraujoch
1:17 – Grimselpass
2:03 – Sustanpass
2:13 – Fronalpstock
2:29 – Haggenegg
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Music: The Untold (Licenced at Secession Studios) Equipment: – Canon 5D Mark IV – Canon 6D – Samyang 14 mm f2.8 und Sigma Art 24 mm f1.4 – Stage One Plus (Dynamicperception)…

– LRTimelapse Pro…
– Neat Video…
– Photopills
– Lightroom
– Final Cut Pro X

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