Flowers 4k

Lumea vietăților necuvântătoare este pe cât de greu de înțeles, pe atât de fascinantă. Mai ales când vine vorba despre universul colorat al florilor. Toată lumea iubește florile, însă puțini le-au văzut cum cresc. Bineînțeles că mulți posesori de floricele se bucură când le cresc florile, ca atunci când cresc copiii. Dar să vezi cum cresc efectiv floricelele înseamnă altceva. Înseamnă asta:

“Thank you for watching Flowers 4K
This is sort of a rag-tag collection of footage I racked over the past 6 months. I have been shooting plants for years now, and this last year I had the opportunity to build a pretty awesome motion control system powered by Dragonframe. I call it Otto. Of course there was a bit of a learning curve, and also quite a bit of effort debugging and re-working it to get the output that I wanted. During this time I have been focusing on filming flowers as they generally flower in 1-3 days so If something went wrong its not a huge deal and I don’t lose weeks of footage. I am finally ready to start another project that will require much longer filming durations, and I figured it would be worthwhile putting together a short showcase film of the flowers I had filmed. I also threw a little “Behind the scenes” in there too.
I normally try to keep 5 cameras shooting. 2 on motion control rigs and 3 static cameras. This introduce a heck of a lot of challenges but I really enjoy doing this work.
The video is probably a bit raw. Video editing is not my strong suit for sure.”