The Quiet

Când se acumulează foarte mult stres de la muncă, tu ce faci? Unii se duc la film, alții fac o tură cu bicicleta. Alții, ca să se rupă din cotidian, vizitează insule izolate, ca să facă… fotografii. Iar unii vor doar liniște. Și fotografii.

“The Lofoten islands are an archipelago located 66 degrees North in Northern Norway. These isles have long been popular with photographers who travel from all corners of the globe to capture the islands remote and rugged beauty.

With this film I had hoped to capture and the variety of colours in the mountains and lakes and the vastness of the landscapes from the elevated peaks, but this original idea was not to be. A few days before I visited a large snow storm hit, this new powdering of snow left a lot of the trails I had intended to hike invisible and even the locals advised against walking them in the current conditions. The snow also rendered the landscapes colourless and many of the lakes were still frozen. Plan ‘A’ for this film unfortunately went out of the window and I did not really have a plan ‘B’.

I ended up shooting a lot more around sea level of the fjords and surrounding mountains. Originally I had hoped to evoke emotions of vastness and solitude with this film but upon reviewing the footage I was pleasantly surprised to find I was capturing a different emotion, one of a more understated essence; a peacefulness and a quiet. It just goes to show that when you think you are down on your luck, something beautiful and unexpected can still happen and you get something out of it.

This is ‘The ‘Quiet’. A simple, understated account of a humble, peaceful place.

Music is a remix by Shudan of Shura’s ‘Spoke in the Voice of an Older Man’
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