Tasermiut – Greenland’s Wilderness

tasermiut-greenlands-wildernessParadoxal, deși englezii îi spun “Greenland”, peste trei sferturi din teritoriul său este acoperit cu gheață permanentă, deci nu prea este atât de “green”, pe cât ar sugera numele. Dar anumite zone, în anumite perioade din an, sunt verzi. Și roz. Și mov. Și alte culori pentru care unii fotografi ar da bani grei, să le surprindă pe camera lor. În clipul de azi, vedem un fotograf norocos, care a surprins tocmai cele mai frumoase culori ale Groenlandei, într-un timelapse!

“Tasermiut Fjord is a remote wilderness on the southern tip of Greenland. Accessible only via helicopter and boat it sees relatively few hikers. With some of the biggest rock walls in the world it is famous amongst the climbing community, but little known to the public.

In August 2015 I took a friend on an 18-day unsupported backpacking trip to photograph this remarkable area. We packrafted on the fjord and hiked high mountain passes. Carrying 2 full camera kits, an ultralight time-lapse slider I designed, camping kit and all my food my backpack weighed 35kg. Throughout the trip we struggled across the hardest unpathed terrain I have ever experienced whilst being plagued by mosquitoes. But in the evenings we made fires, caught fish swam in mountain streams and immersed ourselves in nature. We left feeling exhausted but privileged to have experienced true wilderness. This short film captures a small portion of this incredible landscape.

Technical Info:
Shot on a Canon 6D and 5DSR with 16-35mm, 50mm and 70-200mm lenses.
Slider shots with a custom designed ultralight carbon-fibre timelapse rig activated by a Dynamic Perception MX2.
Post production in Lightroom, LRTimelapse and After Effects.

Music – A Moment Captured by Ryan Taubert licensed though Musicbed

All rights reserved, please contact alex[at]alexnail.com for licensing

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