Tempus Fugit

Tempus-FugitTimpul, într-adevăr fuge. Și ce mai fuge. Important este să ne bucurăm de momentul prezentului, așa cum zice și Dr. Nicholas Roemmelt în primul său timelapse cu peisaje montane din Europa. Pe marginea lacurilor glaciare, sau la baza vârfurilor semețe oricum trăirile sufletești sunt atemporale.
Carpe diem! în vizionarea timelapse-ului promovat astăzi!

“”Tempus fugit” is my first timelapse movie, shot with a Canon EOS 5 D Mark II, Canon EOS 1DX and a dynamic perception stage one dolly.
It has taken me for almost 2 years for shooting all the footage seen on the movie. I traveled Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Norway and Finland and hiked hours to come to the desired spots with a heavy backpack. For the starlapses I had to stay throughout the nights at remote locations with tent and sleeping bag.
The final timelapse movie consits of nearly 7000 single shots.
MUSIC: PHIL REY: “Born to Conquer” – CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerives (personal permission for the non commercial usage of the track from the composer 08.07.2013)”

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