NOVALAPSE – Timelapse Showreel 2011

NOVALAPSE - Timelapse-Showreel-2011Hyperlapse-ul este o tehnică relativ recentă în timelapse, apărând “pe scenă”, doar de vreo 4-5 ani. Printre primii care au reușit să o implementeze într-un mod foarte curat sunt cei de la Novalapse, Germania:

“This is our Brandnew Timelapse Showreel which shows you a mix of shots we made in a special way shooting big timelapse moves. A selection of shots we did over the last two months back here in Dresden Germany. On the first editing phase we played a little bit with different musics and styles. we´re noticed realy quick that synthetic produced music didn´t gave us the feel and look on these pictures we wanted to have. So we had a look on the audionetwork for some orchestrated music played by a real orchestra.
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