BEYOND – Memoirs in a Timelapse

BEYOND - memoirs-in-a-timelapseLocațiile somptuoase, precum marile orașe din țările arabe au o atracție deosebită pentru fotografi și videografi, deopotrivă. Având în vedere faptul că, acum câțiva ani, in locul acestor orașe brăzdate de zgârie-nori, era doar un deșert continuu, iar în zilele noastre, există adevărate metropole, adaugă la gradul deja ridicat de spectaculozitate. Abu Dhabi și Dubai în timelapse:

“‘Beyond’ presents poetry in colorful motion and music. In 3 distinct movements, its enchanting tour of Beno’s audiovisual craftsmanship lifts you from the electrifying buzz of the present to vistas of near-future tomorrows: Sparks of Inception; The pulse of the Organism; From Here to Beyond.
‘Beyond’ relates the seemingly limitless power of human imagination to create and transform on a scale far beyond our own. It is a tall tale of inspiration, courage, determination, tenacity and perseverance through adversity. Shot at locations throughout Abu Dhabi and Dubai, ‘Beyond’s implicit story is about much more than the success of the UAE. What is unfolding in the UAE is a shining, symbolic example of the towering achievements of mankind as a whole.
Showing off the best of 2 years worth of shooting, ‘Beyond’ doubles as Beno’s ‘out-of-the-box’ showreel of client-commissioned time-lapse photography work between 2011 and 2012.
The musical score was composed expressly for ‘Beyond’ by the immensely talented, award winning composer Vladimir Persan. His gift for music seems to have no limits and having heard most of his past work, it can be said with certainty that his score for ‘Beyond’ is among his finest.
It’s an incredibly cinematic, rich, multi-layered and complex piece of work.
Do yourself a favor; listen only with proper speakers or headphones. You’d be missing out any other way.
You can purchase Vlad’s score from Amazon and iTunes:
Gear employed in the filming of my time lapses:
• Canon DSLR cameras
• Canon and Nikon lenses
• CamBLOCK motion control system
• Genie Syrp portable motion control system
• Gitzo & Manfrotto tripods
• Really Right Stuff ballheads and clamps
• LEE and Heliopan filters
• Promote Remote Control intervalometer by Promote Systems
• LR Timelapse (secret weapon of every self-respecting time lapser)
• GB Timelapse
• Adobe Lightroom
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Premiere
For location permits and access, help, inspiration and invaluable wisdom, I would like to thank: Fredi Devas, Chadden Hunter, Dan Rees, Ali Zaigham, Majed Taifur, Simon McCarthy, Denise Keller, Mohammed El Habech, Dhruv Bahri, Anas Saleh, Sanjay Tripathi, Wolfgang Wagner, Sebastian Opitz, Sami Eid, Arab Ameerah, Zaineb Al-Hassani, Daniel Cheong, Colby Brown, Elia Locardi, Karim Nafatni, Richard James Bentley, Ben Wiggins, Tom Lowe, Vikram Verma, Sandeep Nair, Jasem Almeraikhi, Riki Butland, Artyom Kamshilin, Stew Mayer, Barak Epstein, Chris Thomson, Ben Ryan, Timur Gafrov, Marco Famà, Subodh Shetty, and of course, Vladimir Persan.
For all of the above and beyond, thank you Muriel Farah. You are the center of my universe.
Copyright Disclaimer – ATTENTION:
All of the scenes in ‘Beyond’ were client commissioned. I do not own any of the copyrights, my clients do. None of the scenes featured in this film are available for licensing directly from me, so please don’t ask, don’t download and don’t use the footage in any way, shape or form. DO NOT re-upload the film on Vimeo, Youtube or any other video sharing platform. It’s only going to get you in trouble.
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