AWAKE – Electric Northern Lights Time Lapse

AWAKE - Electric Northern Lights Time LapseUna dintre cele mai greu accesibile zone de pe Pământ, respectiv Alaska, are de oferit unul dintre cele mai rar întâlnite și mai deosebite spectacole naturale. Aurora boreală, în toată splendoarea ei:

“A year ago I had this crazy idea to take a trip to Alaska in the middle of winter. Most people thought I was nuts until they saw the magical Northern Lights photography I captured in my time lapse film, Technicolour Alaska.
As I’ve connected with more people over the past year, I’ve realized how many people don’t have the luxury of seeing these kinds of sights for themselves and just how lucky I am to be able to see it, and also to share it. This has inspired me to get out more, see more, share more, and [hopefully] make more people feel like they were transcended to another place, if only for a moment or two.
And so I decided to do that winter trip to Alaska again this year so that I could share more Aurora Borealis magic. I spent 4 nights outside of Fairbanks in February – two of those nights were entirely overcast and not a light could be seen. The other two nights were electrifying. I stood outside for hours – shooting and gazing in awe at the orchestral dance above and around me. I felt more awake than ever during those moments. I hope my interpretation in images portrays that feeling.
People have asked me if I’m going to make the trip to Alaska an annual event. There is, without question, a piece of my heart tucked away in the wild wintery Alaskan tundra. This film represents how I see this very special part of the world. Thanks, Alaska. Yes, I will see you again soon!
I really hope you enjoy it!

Photography and film by Alexis Coram. Contact: // //
Music “Wake”, composed by James Everingham. Contact: //
Thanks to Mount Aurora Lodge, Sirius Sled Dogs, and Ronn Murray for your hospitality. (Check out all of these if you head to the Fairbanks area)
Thanks to MAC Group and Induro Tripods for the solid support 🙂
Nikon D800 + Sigma 35mm 1.4
Nikon DF + Sigma 15mm FE
Induro Tripods
Photo Editing: Adobe Lightroom, LR Time Lapse 3
Video Editing: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro”