Iasi Motion Timelapse HDR

Iasi Motion Timelapse HDROrașul Iași stă foarte bine la capitolul timelapse. Recent, au început să apară secvențe de timelapse HDR, precum cele din clipul de mai jos, realizat de DigitalNewMedia.

“Here’s a short HDR motion timelapse project shot in Iasi, Romania. It also features some long-exposure nighttime work of some of Iasi’s landmarks. The whole process involved about 25.000 photos and took three months to complete. This is our first serious timelapse project and we’ve learned a lot during this period, actually. We’ll probably begin work on the second part as soon as heavy snow hits our county, later this year. So sit back and enjoy the first part. We recommend headphones 🙂

List of Locations (in chronological order)
Overview of “Eternitate” Street Area
Island Lake in Botanical Garden
Bench near Aroneanu Lake
Through the Forrest of Repedea (Releu)
Through the Forrest of Repedea (Overlooking nearby villages)
Industrial Area
Overview of “Stația Pădurii” Area, with the Metropolitan Cathedral in background.
Foreground Dosoftei House, with the Palace of Culture in background
The Lions Statue from Copou Park
Unirii Square – The statue of Alexandru Ioan Cuza
Overview of UMF – School of Medicine and Pharmacology
The National Theater
Recently renovated South-West wing of the Palace of Cuture
Saint Sava Church
Front entrance of the Palace of Culture
Râpa Galbenă roundabout (Where our friend Mario was spinning in circles with his motorcycle. Thanks, btw!)
Mihai Eminescu’s statue from Copou Park
Repedea Plateau (North Face)
Repedea Plateau (South West Face)
Unirii Museum, Lăpușneanu Street
Iasi Train-station Junction”